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I stole these quotes from somewhere. I can’t remember now. They’ve been sitting on my computer and I dug them up while I was looking for something else. I found a great deal of inspiration in them and I hope you will too. If you do please link back to them:
You Don’t Become Wealthy By Buying Things…You Become Wealthy By Selling Them
– Jason Leister, author, The Independent Thinker’s Guide To Becoming A Six-Figure Copywriter
People never fail at Internet Marketing – they just quit before success happens
– Unknown
First, learn your craft. …

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10 Questions to Ask Before Renting Your Next Mailing List

A lot of the questions in forums surround list building. Many people, myself included don’t always want to wait for names to dribble onto our lists. If you have a product and want to start selling it immediately renting the right mailing lists from a broker can help.
Like any media buy lists can either cost you a lot or make you  a lot. If you’re considering renting a list of names make sure to ask your list broker the following questions. Nothing will guarantee your success but these questions will …

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Ever want to download a free report, checkout a freebie video series, or some new piece of software, but don’t want to enter your email because you don’t want to be bombarded with affiliate promotions? You could just enter a fake email right? Not if the company has optin verification setup.If you have your own domains you can most likely just go in and create a temporary email address. What a hassle though.
A better way is to use a free email service like 10minutemail.com. 10 Minute Mail is a free …

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Hi Guys, you know I don’t usually shamelessly plug things here but I think this is worth your while. Hostgator is having a crazy sale and if you do business online or need hosting this is a great deal. I am going to show you the deal and put an affiliate link to Hostgator. If you think this is a good deal and need hosting click through on my link. Here’s the deal:
This will apply to the client’s first invoice (first term length they sign up for whether that be …

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How to Write Bullets that Get People to Take Action

When your writing a piece to get people to take action it’s helpful to write good bullets (also called fascinations). Bullets are so powerful that people will order a product or fill out a form just to get the information in one of the bullets. That said, if you make a promise in a bullet, make sure you back it up.
I could be wrong about this but based on my experiences men respond better to bullets. Men will read through a long list of bullets before women will. It depends …

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Are you a “Thought Leader?”

Seems greed and fear aren’t the only motivators after all. Good no doubt, but when the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), Yeilding to pressure from the feds said that drug reps could no longer court doctors with ballgame tickets, golf games, or meals they had to turn to other tactics.
Some brilliant sales trainer came up with an even better idea, one that wouldn’t cost the drug companies nearly as much. The premise was simple – pander to doctors egos.
Here’s how it works. A drug rep identifies a physician …

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I’m still here! I’m Still here! No, I haven’t forgotten about my blog, and I have a ton of excuses (probably none of them good) as to why I haven’t posted much lately.
Anyhow, in an effort to keep content fresh on this blog I have been reaching out to some people I know to write guest posts. I am also interested in finding a regular blogger to help me with adding good content. So, if you’re someone passionate and knowledgeable about online business and likes to write please contact me …