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List of High PR DoFollow Blogs

imagesA few years back in response to link spam and people trying to game link based page ranking by search engines the “noFollow” tag was created. This tag protects a page from passing pagerank with links. Many blogs now are setup to “noFollow” comments.  There are still good reasons for commenting on blogs even if they use “noFollow” tags.You just don’t get the benefit of the backlink.

There are still however some high PR blog pages that still have “doFollow” commenting. So, if you’re looking for some backlinks you don’t have to pay for you might checkout this list of high pr do follow blogs:


1) http://blogs.cisco.com/news


2) http://weblogtoolscollection.com/
3) http://www.grokdotcom.com
4) http://www.sirpi.org
5) http://polygeek.com/
6) http://www.currybet.net
7) http://marlenescorner.blogspirit.com
8 ) http://www.themallblog.com
9) http://justagirlintheworld.com/
10) http://www.socialtimes.com
11) http://businessfinancemag.com
12) http://incsub.org/awards


13) http://harry.sufehmi.com
14) http://www.communityspark.com
15) http://www.layercake.net
16) http://www.outofmygord.com/
17) http://www.hobo-web.co.uk/seo-blog/
18) http://blogs.nashuatelegraph.com
19) http://www.searchenginepeople.com/
20) http://www.communityspark.com/
21) http://www.kthread.com/kthread/
22) http://www.growsmartmaine.org/blog
23) http://www.bluehatseo.com
24) http://focusorganic.com/
25) http://bytesizecss.com
26) http://elleeseymour.com
27) http://snoo.ws/
28) http://andybeard.eu/
29) http://sciencethatmatters.com
30) http://www.rebeccawalker.com/blog
31) http://www.knrn.org
32) http://www.fastlanetransport.ca/blog
33) http://blog.ruski.co.za
34) http://flapsblog.com
35) http://www.dotsauce.com
36) http://aimee.mychores.co.uk
37) http://www.uncommonphotographers.net
38) http://www.seobythesea.com
39) http://justaddwater.dk/
40) http://sexinthepublicsquare.org
41) http://www.firstclassfashionista.com/
42) http://www.lifeinthefastlane.ca/
43) http://blog.dmbcllc.com/
44) http://links.org.au/
45) http://newcritics.com
46) http://www.uncommonphotographers.net/
47) http://frederic-rolin.blogspirit.com
48) http://www.buzzmarketingwithblogs.com
49) http://www.ericbramlett.com/blog/
50) http://www.mouthpiecesports.com/blog
51) http://www.itsfrugalbeinggreen.com/
52) http://isuman.blogspot.com
53) http://www.dannydouglass.com
54) http://www.zabadani.net/
55) http://websuccessdiva.com
56) http://gathadams.com
57) http://blog.fiberdreams.com
58) http://www.inkatel.com
59) http://blog.webdirectory.si
60) http:/www.powerdosh.com


62) http://dmiracle.com/
63) http://blog.waxmarketing.com/
64) http://www.retirement-income.net/blog/
65) http://www.lifeintherough.com
66) http://www.marketing-results.com.au/
67) http://nthambazale.com/
68) http://www.wordpressmax.com/
69) http://www.alistseo.com/
70) http://mikemoran.com/biznology/blog/
71) http://kikolani.com
72) http://linguisticszone.blogspot.com
73) http://comedyplus.blogspot.com/
74) http://www.phpcafe.net/blog/
75) http://omgpittsburgh.com/
76) http://www.scrapscene.com
77) http://thesisthemehq.com
78) http://larholm.com
79) http://www.techjaws.com
80) http://www.steverenner.com
81) http://www.jhsiess.com/
82) http://www.stomperblog.com
83) http://www.bryper.com
84) http://www.drownradio.com
85) http://www.verticalmeasures.com/blog/
86) http://www.wordpressmax.com
87) http://www.smallbusinessbranding.com/
88) http://www.barrywise.com/
89) http://www.memwg.com/
90) http://www.deardrmoz.com/
91) http://www.howtowakeupearly.com/
92) http://alemsys.com/
93) http://blog.littlerockjams.com/
94) http://www.affordable-internet-marketing.com/
95) http://www.articlesnatch.com/blog/
96) http://rumahabi.com
97) http://www.costpernews.com
98) http://www.wallpaperstop.com
99) http://menstrualpoetry.com/
100) http://lillieammann.com/blog/
101) http://www.bokashiman.com/
102) http://wpcult.com/
103) http://www.rajtilak.net/
104) http://blog.winesworld.com/
105) http://www.javelinmarketing.com/blog/
106) http://dmiracle.com/
107) http://www.purplewren.com/
108) http://fruityoaty.com
109) http://www.stephanmiller.com
110) http://laketrees.blogspot.com
111) http://rumahabi.com/
112) http://www.lifeintherough.com/
113) http://abstract2collective.blogspot.com/
114) http://www.jhsiess.com
115) http://www.larsbachmann.dk
116) http://nancyhendrickson.com/
117) http://poeartica.blogspot.com/
118) http://heiseidemocracy.com
119) http://selberg.org/
120) http://www.middlezonemusings.com
121) http://www.canadienseneurope.org/

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  • Scott said:

    Dude…that’s awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  • bishal said:

    Thanks for all these sites let’s see what they can produce and I will write some more feed backs to you soon.

  • Zulueta .... said:

    Awesome info. Thanks… I will surely visit these.

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  • Amninder said:

    Simply awesome . I really like your blog because it is very helpful for SEO .Thanks for complete list.

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    Thank you so much for sharing these dofollow blogs.
    this is a huge list and many of them are very useful.

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