10 Questions to Ask Before Renting Your Next Mailing List

A lot of the questions in forums surround list building. Many people, myself included don’t always want to wait for names to dribble onto our lists. If you have a product and want to start selling it immediately renting the right mailing lists from a broker can help.
Like any media buy lists can either cost you a lot or make you  a lot. If you’re considering renting a list of names make sure to ask your list broker the following questions. Nothing will guarantee your success but these questions will …

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I was sitting with a sales team tonight at a function. While there I was listening to the sales banter. It reminded me of all the different times I’ve been on sales teams over the years.
I remember selling water purifiers, workout pants, cars, photography packages, timeshares, office supplies, and a host of other things years ago. I went to motivational seminars and endured countless sales meetings. I fretted over quotas and spent many days fearfully contacting leads and desperately going through the motions.
I wanted to excel. I was working hard …

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Top 10 Landing Page Mistakes

If you’re marketing online, buying media, etc…the landing page is your best friend. Whether you’re an etailer or direct marketer, or corporation if you have concrete goals for your SEM efforts landing pages pay for themselves over and over again.
Having worked on many optimization projects and roadmaps, I have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t (although I still get it wrong a lot and only testing yields the final result). Now, for your benefit…here are the top 10 landing page mistakes I see advertisers make.

Landing page is …

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50 Ways to Get More Website Traffic

Getting more traffic to your site is one of those perennial topics. Even though you may have seen a lot of these tactics there’s probably some good one’s you haven’t. Additionally, the fact is most of us simply don’t have time to do everything listed. That’s fine, you have to discover what works best for you and apply the 80/20 principle focusing on the best results for the least amount of time/effort/expense.
Getting traffic is going to cost you either in terms of time or money. There are still keywords you …

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Taking credit card payments is an important part of most businesses. If you’ve got a new or unproven direct response business, diet pills, penny auctions, info products, etc… you probably fall into the high risk category.
Why, a number of reasons. A couple are…a lot of direct response businesses are poorly planned. They’re started by individuals very often on limited budgets, with mediocre products, and limited customer service. There’s seldom a plan for managing growth, and dealing with customer service to keep chargebacks down.
What ends up happening is customers get mad …

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For anyone who works online you understand the loneliness of having friends and clients around the globe you rarely meet face to face with.
Tonight I had the great pleasure of having some drinks with someone who really knows how to make a deal. RL has run many networks over the years. Since 1995 he’s been running high traffic golf and tourism sites.
We spoke a bit about some of the deals he’s worked out and frankly, I was blown away. But…our conversation reinforced my feelings that all online efforts need supplementing …

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10 Common Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

In the past few months I’ve had the good fortune of working with a number of successful serial entrepreneurs; people who’ve built multi-million dollar companies and sold them or taken them public for tens of millions.
In our conversations I am always amazed with their similarity in thought and personality type. So similar in fact, I sometimes get confused with who I’m talking to. I remember saying to one of these individuals “wow, that’s so weird, this sounds almost identical to a conversation I had with another successful serial entrepreneur just …

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Here’s a useful tip I thought I would pass along. If you have a blog or blogs you really don’t want comments on you can globally disable them in your database. Here’s how:

Open the CPanel in your hosting account of contact whoever handles your hosting if you don’t have CPanel.
Access PHPMyAdmin and locate the database you want to apply the changes (if no PHPMyAdmin ask your DB Admin to run the querry for you).
Select the “Query” tab from the top.
Enter the following code in the query box:
UPDATE wp_posts p SET …